The memory of the martyrs of January 20 was commemorated with respect in Italy

A commemorative event was held at the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Italy on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of 20 January – the National Day of Mourning.

At first, the memory of the victims of the tragedy was commemorated with a minute of silence.

Our country's ambassador to Italy, Rashad Aslanov, reviewed the struggle for Azerbaijan's independence and talked about the events of January 20, which written as a heroic page of our history.

He said that the fight for freedom, independence and statehood started by the people of Azerbaijan at the end of the last century has passed a difficult but honorable path and is continuing with more determination today. One of the most glorious pages of this struggle in our recent past is the events of January 20, 1990. In 1990, as a result of the unprecedented solidarity and unity of our people, the forces that were constantly preparing treacherous plans against our country suffered a major failure. Our people gave the second such response to those enemies in the 44-day Patriotic War.

The ambassador drew attention to the first political and legal evaluation of the events of January 20 by National Leader Heydar Aliyev. He emphasized that the memory of all heroes who died that day will live forever in the hearts of every Azerbaijani.

The ambassador emphasized that our territories that had been occupied for more than thirty years, have regained freedom now and Azerbaijan has fully restored its sovereignty over all its lands. He noted that the souls of the heroic martyrs who lost their lives in the fight for the territorial integrity of our country is happy.





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