Students of the Italian university visited the Cultural Center of our country in Rome

Students of the Faculty of Global Management of the Italian University "Universita di Roma Tor Vergata" visited the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Italy and the Cultural Center.

At the "Open Door Day", the Ambassador of our country to Italy, Rashad Aslanov, presented to the students about the history, rich culture, nature, and traditions of Azerbaijan, and talked about the numerous international events held in our country.

Later, videos about Azerbaijan were shown for the students and they were advised to visit our country.

Students got acquainted with the museum contained the exhibits that tell about the ancient, rich history and culture of our country, including ancient weapons, copper products, examples of carpet art, jewelry and decorations, national clothes and accessories as well as books published in Italian on culture, art, crafts of Azerbaijan, rock paintings, miniature art, our national music, and etc. At the same time, they raised questions that interested them.

The students supporting this initiative have expressed their desire to continuously participate in the events of our embassy and get to know closer the culture of Azerbaijan.


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