Exhibition dedicated to Azerbaijan`s modern architecture organized in Florence

An exhibition dedicated to Azerbaijan`s modern architecture was organized in Florence, Italy.

Co-organized by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, the event brought together the country`s Ambassador to Italy Mammad Ahmadzade, Rector of the University Gulchohra Mammadova, founder and director of the Foundation Paolo Del Bianco, as well as public and art figures.

Founder of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation Paolo Del Bianco highlighted the importance of the exhibition. On Azerbaijan`s rich cultural heritage, unique samples of architecture, the Founder said this exhibition was another way of demonstration of the country`s culture to Italian public.

Ambassador Mammad Ahmadzade provided an insight into rich cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, as well as its historical traditions, multicultural model, socio-economic development, infrastructure projects. On importance of the exhibition, the Diplomat said these samples create an imagination about the projects carried out in the country.

Rector Gulchohra Mammadova highlighted the history of relations between the University and the Foundation. The rector also spoke about steadily developing infrastructure projects implemented in the country.

The event featured a presentation about modern samples of architecture of Azerbaijan.


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