"Ali e Nino" once again in Rome
Internationally acclaimed Azerbaijani movie Ali & Nino was again on spotlight in Rome thanks to the interest it generated with its piercingly intense plot at the First Azerbaijani Movie Festival in Italy back in summer. This time it reached to its audience, a fully packed hall, through the screen of Cinema Tiziano, a typical italian movie theater in the heart of Rome on November 11, 2017. 
Displayed in collaboration between the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Italy and ACDMAE (Associazione Consorti Dipendenti Ministero Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale), the movie marked the opening of the International Movie Series – a newly launched project of ACDMAE aimed at promoting cultural exchange.
The event was opened by Sofia Marras, the President of the Association and followed by welcome remarks of Pucci Rastrelli, the Board Member of the Association, Aynura Huseynova, the wife of Ambassador of Azerbaijan Republic and former Italian Ambassador to Azerbaijan and Honorary Consul of Azerbaijan to Genova Margherita Costa.
The guests were offered sweet and savory treats of traditional Azerbaijani cuisine along with tea, a typical hot drink in the country.
PS. The movie Ali and Nino is based on the namesake love story between two youth coming from different cultural and religious backgrounds, living in Baku, Azerbaijan and trying to keep their love intact against all the odds in the verge of the breakout of the First World War. 
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